Who We Are

We are the Eta Lambda of Gamma Phi Beta at UCF.

In 1874, four young women established Gamma Phi Beta at Syracuse University. Being over 140 years old, Gamma Phi Beta is the organization with credit for coining the word sorority. Members are wholeheartedly invested in sisterhood, with a strong desire to develop true and constant bonds that will last a lifetime. Our strength lies in our strong values of love, labor, learning, and loyalty.

Founded at UCF on November 16, 2013 and established in 2015, Gamma Phi Beta is the newest addition to the Panhellenic community on our campus. We pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusivity, and our sisters have a wide reach across many aspects of campus. From SGA to Knight-Thon, and UCF Rowing to Her Campus. 

Being such a young chapter on campus gives us the opportunity to make such a great legacy for our organization; we are constantly challenging ourselves to make an impact on campus as we're creating our own legacy right here at the University of Central Florida.

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At a Glance



Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty

With such wonderful values, you might sometimes find our sisters singing about them. As we strive to inspire the highest type of womanhood, these are the values that guide us. We exist to build confident women of character who celebrate sisterhood and to make a difference in the world around us. We lead with love and good intentions. We’re aware that nothing can be accomplished without the proper amount of labor and effort. Learning is vital to growth, especially since our organization is based in academics. Last but not least, loyalty is the foundation to every relationship that we hope to build in our sisterhood. These are the values we hold dear.


Quick Facts

Things We Hold Dear

  • Colors: Blush and A-la-mode

  • Flower: Pink Carnation

  • Motto: Founded on a rock.

  • Philanthropy: Girls on the Run 

  • Symbol: Crescent Moon

  • Gem: Pearl

Fun Facts

Learning is a Value, After All

  • Kristin Chenoweth was a Gamma Phi Beta, and is very proud of her membership. 

  • Tiffany and Co. designed our badges.

  • Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, one of the 10 oldest women’s organizations in North America and the first to be called a “sorority,” was founded November 11, 1874, at Syracuse University in New York.

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About Eta Lambda

More About the UCF Chapter

  • We won the Heart of Gold Award for our contribution to the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation in 2016.

  • For Spring 2020, we had the second highest GPA across all of Panhellenic. fourth across all of Greek life. 

  • Briana Lee, who graduated UCF, has been recognized for working with nanotechnology to identify Alzheimer's disease quicker.

Our Founders

Exemplary Excellence

In 1874 at Syracuse University, four students and friends decided to create a welcoming and supportive environment for collegiate women. Gamma Phi Beta Sorority was founded with with the intention of breaking gender alienation on campus.


Helen M. Dodge

The Scholar

"We weren't sisters by birth, but we knew from the start... fate brought us together to be sisters by heart." – Founder Helen M. Dodge (Syracuse, 1874)


Frances E. Haven

The Friend

"May your badge signify to all around that you stand for the highest type of womanhood. Be cordial, be gracious, and be sincere." – Founder Frances E. Haven Moss (Syracuse, 1874)


E. Adeline Curtis

The Friend

"Since the rock is the firmest and most enduring substance, able to withstand the ravages of time, and offering the strongest protection, it seemed fitting that Gamma Phi Beta should be thus founded." – Founder E. Adeline Curtis (Syracuse, 1874)


Mary A. Bingham

The Aristocrat

"..To receive graciously the fidelity and the friendly counsel of the sisterhood, and to give the best of ourselves and talents, loyally and faithfully to Gamma Phi Beta, is fulfillment of our pledge..." – Founder Mary A. Bingham (Syracuse, 1874)

The Gamma Phi Beta Creed

Gamma Phi Beta from the past has given

A heritage that makes a fuller life.

Gamma Phi Beta in the present bids

Us strive for lasting values and ideals.

Gamma Phi Beta in the days to come

Will prove that fundamentals can endure.

Therefore we shall embody our lives

The truths that make for finer womanhood.

Once more we pledge a loyalty that means

Adherence to all true and noble things;

A learning that enriches all our days

With magic gold that is forever ours;

A labor that each hour will glorify

The simple, common task, the common cause;

A love that will be strong and great enough

To encompass and to pity all the world.