COVID-19 & Mental Health

In really trying times it’s important to remember the good and focus on everything we can do to stay healthy both mentally and physically! Social distancing can cause people to struggle with their mental health. Luckily, sisters have a variety of tips to prioritize well being while social distancing. Jackie Baron says that in order to stay on top of her school work she writes a “to-do list” everyday which she says allows her to “manage my time, as well as avoid burnouts as I give myself breaks.” Ariana Stratton says that in order to manage the stress of being at home she’s focused on being outside and picking up new hobbies. One thing she says is that she’s learned how to fish because it’s a great way to get fresh air and is something that is allowed during quarantine. For those who don’t like fishing she also recommends picking up golf because it’s another activity that is safe while outside. Alexandria Mangona recommends “keeping yourself busy, try to stick to a schedule or routine, stay in touch with friends, try journaling, and do yoga and meditation everyday.” Mckenzee Marcus recommends “exercising daily and following a daily routine.” All of these tips are very important for prioritizing mental health and being productive with online work during the remainder of the semester.

Thank you to any sisters who are essential workers! Please stay safe by avoiding going out as much as possible, washing your hands, and prioritizing mental health.

Writing on the first image done by Sarah Cooke <3

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