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The month of March is National Women’s History Month and is used to celebrate the contributions that women have made to history and society. March of 1987 was the first month in which women’s accomplishments were celebrated for the whole month. This celebration, however, later became an annual occurrence. Given that it is Women’s History Month, it is a great time to recognize that Gamma Phi Beta has had a history of supporting women and continues to support women today. Since its conception in 1874, Gamma Phi Beta has worked toward breaking barriers and paving the way for confident women to continue making a difference. Our four founders wanted to “create a welcoming and supportive environment for collegiate women” at a time when women were not respected and often alienated while pursuing higher education. Decades later, Gamma Phi Beta continues to provide an environment where women can continue to be changemakers. Gamma Phi Beta has four core values (listed below) which sisters and alumnae are committed to using when positively impacting the world around them.

Gamma Phi Beta Core Values:

• Love: individual worth

• Labor: service to humanity

• Learning: intellectual growth

• Loyalty: a lifetime commitment

Gamma Phi Beta encourages its members, as well as the girls of our future to achieve what they want to accomplish while being confident and respectful. Our philanthropic partner Girls on the Run International (GOTR) is “a nonprofit organization that allows our membership to actively live our philanthropic focus of Building Strong Girls through hands-on service and charitable giving.” Through their multiple programs, they promote the growth of girls’ physical and mental health.

GOTR Programs:

3rd through 5th Grade Girls on the Run Program

- Girls are inspired to build confidence and other important life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and physical activity.

- A research-based curriculum that includes three parts:

1. Understanding ourselves

2. Valuing relationships and teamwork

3. Recognizing how we can shape the world at large

6th through 8th Grade Heart and Sole Program

- Teams uncover confidence and understand the importance of physical and emotional health.

- A research-based curriculum motivates girls to:

1. Learn more about themselves

2. Become independent and critical thinkers

3. Develop skills to write their own stories

4. Find inner strength through physical activity


- Girls in 3rd through 5th grade spend a week building friendships, exploring their creativity, and playing fun games that keep them moving.

This Women’s History month join Gamma Phi Beta and our Eta Lambda chapter in celebrating the women around you and the girls of our future.


• Gamma Phi Beta: https://www.gammaphibeta.org/About-Us/About-Gamma-Phi-Beta

• Girls on the Run: https://www.girlsontherun.org/what-we-do/

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