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Gamma Phi Beta Convention: Our Oasis

On every even number year, Gamma Phi Beta International hosts a convention that invites sisters from all over to gather together and bond over our sisterhood. This year, we made convention history: due to the impact of COVID-19, convention was hosted entirely online for the first time ever.

This year’s theme: our oasis. As Gamma Phi Beta was founded on a rock, the rock of Gamma Phi are the sisters that make up the organization and wear their letters with pride. As our sisters grow everyday, so does the organization. Here is what Gamma Phi Beta and Eta Lambda Chapter accomplished in recent years.

Eta Lambda Chapter

  • Amy Geist, our recent chapter advisor, was elected onto the Nominating Committee to elect the Gamma Phi International Council for 2020-2022.

  • Linda Stone, our former Education advisor, now Standards advisor, has won a volunteer award.

  • Annabel Jones, who served Eta Lambda as an advisor when we first became established, has completed her term as International Council President from 2016-2020.

Gamma Phi Beta International

  • Gamma Phi Beta implemented a beautiful rebrand in the past year across the entire organization.

  • Gamma Phi Beta sisters were featured in the news for their 60-year long standing friendship in The Wall Street Journal, which lead to more features of Gamma Phi Beta on Good Morning America and Forbes.

  • Girls on the Run started as a volunteer opportunity for Gamma Phi Beta in 2012 and has become a long-standing Gamma Phi Beta philanthropy partnership since. Girls on the Run started with 13 girls in 1996 and has now become what it is alongside Gamma Phi.

  • The next Gamma Phi Beta Council has been elected and sworn into office. They are as follows:

  1. President: Autumn L. Hansen (Idaho)

  2. Vice President: Stephanie Gauchat Carriere (Arizona)

  3. Vice President: Crissy Bauchanan Carlisle (Alabama-Tuscaloosa)

  4. Vice President: Kelly Brown Dunne (William and Mary)

  5. Vice President Judy. E. Graham (Oklahoma)

  6. Vice President Lilliam Lammers (Denver)

  7. Vice President Fran Mayfield Stevenson (Kansas State)

Last of all, the location for Convention 2022 was announced. We are so excited to hopefully gather with our sisters again in St. Louis when the time comes!

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