Sisters Supporting Sisters, Always

At Eta Lambda, we always try to ensure that all our sisters are comfortable and supported. Our four values love, labor, learning, and loyalty are expressed daily. Of these, love can be felt constantly either from your closest friends or sisters you are first meeting. At UCF while we might not be able to hold in-person events for the whole chapter, we have managed to stay connected as a sisterhood. Whether through virtual socials bid days or chapter meetings, the bonds we have created or new bonds we are creating, have constantly had the ability to grow. It is important to note that this love, however, is not only shown in our chapter but also on the international level. Gamma Phi Beta as an organization has created a new position known as the Belonging, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (BEDI) chairwoman. Per the Gamma Phi Beta Website, the purpose of the BEDI chairwoman is to "use her leadership and knowledge of Gamma Phi Beta to audit exclusive chapter practices, implement inclusive chapter practices and facilitate diverse relationships between collegiate members of the chapter and alumnae members of the Sorority." With the addition of this new chairwoman every sister can feel represented and considered in every area regarding sisterhood. This allows every sister to feel accepted by her peers and listened to by her fellow Gamma Phi Betas. As chapter members, we strive to inspire the highest type of womanhood. On this journey, we are never alone with our sisters by our side. While growing and changing during the collegiate experience each member can lean on her true and constant sisters.

*Photo taken prior to COVID-19 outbreak

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