• Kristi Dao

True and Constant: AVP Taylor Whiteman

Taylor Whiteman is our Administrative Vice President, which means that she is the reason that our chapter has been able to accomplish so much in the past year. To anyone who knows her, it’s no surprise that she’s in the position, because she is definitely a person who knows how to get things done.

“I’m a double major in Theater Studies and Biology! I have done theater my entire life and would love to incorporate it with my love for animals in my future career. I also really love art and have been into drawing and designing logos, creating pet portraits, and painting,” Taylor tells us. With all these things to do, it is surprising for some that Taylor wanted to serve as AVP.

When asked about it, her answer was this: “I wanted to represent Eta Lambda as AVP because I wanted a role within the chapter to build it up to be even better than it already is. It has definitely been a challenge because I did not realize how much discussion the Executive board must do before any new decision is made, but it has brought me so much closer to my sisters.”

As a leader in our chapter, we appreciate Taylor, but maybe not as much as her little. In a letter addressed to Taylor, her little writes, “From the first time I met you in recruitment, I knew that you were someone that I would love to be friends with, and now I am blessed with being your little!! You made Gamma Phi feel like home the moment I began to talk to you, and I am always so comfortable and at ease when I am around you. One of my favorite memories with you would have been when we watched your absolute favorite movie ever, Tusk, while eating a pan of brownies with two forks on your couch. I can’t wait to have more adventures with the best big. I love you Taylor!!”

In turn, Taylor also has so much love in her heart for our chapter. When asked what she wanted her sisters to know about her, she says for all to know, “You can always reach out to me to talk or hang out! I want everyone to know I am here to support and uplift them.” Everyone, down to the little kitten named Winter that she adopted at the start of quarantine.

It seems that Taylor has adopted our philanthropic mission to build strong girls, which only seems fitting since she loves Gamma Phi Beta for our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run. “I never had a program like that in my school while growing up, and I wish I did. It encourages girls to know their worth, and know that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.” Now Taylor is living it out, and showing us how to live through the highest type of womanhood as she leads our chapter.

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