• Kristi Dao

True and Constant: Bailee Blaylock

Beyond being trustworthy and reliable, Bailee Blaylock is known for her goofy and lovable personality. A senior majoring in Emerging Media: Character Animation here at UCF, Bailee has recently acquired an internship with AVT Simulation. Bailee is proud to have acquired the internship, knowing that it brings her one step closer to working in the animation industry.

When asked about her favorite memory with Bailee, Jackie Baron answered, “During the New Member process, our assigned Carnation Crew group wanted to grab dinner together before our New Member Meeting. I offered to drive Bailee and myself to the restaurant. Just as we were about to head to my car from the UCF library, it began to downpour. Unbeknownst to freshmen Jackie and Bailee, Bailee was actually parked closer to the library. So, the two of us got drenched from the hurricane-style storm as we marched to the complete opposite side of campus to get to my car. It was definitely the biggest icebreaker in our friendship.”

It’s goofy moments like this that make Bailee stand out as a sister. When asked what she loves about being in Gamma Phi, Bailee says, “I knew Gamma Phi was my home when I ran to my sisters on bid day. I felt immediately loved and welcomed by everyone I met and was so excited to spend the day with them! What I love about Gamma Phi is our diversity of thought and our bond as sisters. I want my sisters to know that I support and love them and wish them all the best in pursuing their careers and dreams.”

There’s no one quite like Bailee, we know that for sure. We’ll never forget her smiling face, her love her memes, and the way that she will endlessly talk about animals, especially pets, with love.

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