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True and Constant: EVP Cynthia Fonseca

With everything going on, it might be hard to remember the importance of sisterhood, but our next true and constant reminds us on a regular basis of what that means. Cynthia Fonseca currently serves as our Education Vice President, and her department focuses on educating the new members on what it means to be in Gamma Phi Beta, as well as uniting our current members in our shared values and sister bonding events.

“I knew I wanted to serve my chapter in a higher role since I joined in Fall 2018. Serving on the executive board was always something that I had considered because I had held previous officer positions and I absolutely loved them,” Cynthia shares. “It has always been a goal of mine to do everything in my power to help to grow and strengthen our sisterhood and I knew that being on the executive board would be an incredible opportunity to do that. Needless to say, when I found out my sisters nominated me for this position and when I received notice that I had been selected for EVP I was completely surprised! But I couldn't be more grateful for the experience. Being EVP is no easy task-my job includes managing a department of 12 amazing women and having my own responsibilities which include planning sisterhood events, mother and father daughter days, senior celebration, and co-planning Founder's Day with the alumnae relations chairwoman. There are also certain responsibilities that all executive board members are expected to execute. Needless to say, it has definitely been a wild ride, especially this year with COVID forcing us to adapt and change plans, but nevertheless I remain grateful for the experience and the opportunities I've been given in this position. I've gotten the chance to work with so many amazing women and it has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow and develop as a leader and a person.”

Our sisters are what make us whole, and Cynthia has reminded us of how lucky we are to have this sisterhood in these unpredictable times. In a letter to Cynthia, another sister wrote, “You are so supportive and caring. Your big heart is so amazing and it truly shows when you talk to others, or what you are passionate about. I am so happy I met you and can’t wait for our friendship to grow and blossom.” To any member who has met her, Cynthia’s light and passion has always shown through.

Fortunately for us, one of her passions has been Gamma Phi Beta. When talking about us, Cynthia says, “I love how diverse and unique our chapter is. Our women come from all different walks of life and we pride ourselves on being such a diverse and inclusive chapter. I truly feel that our chapter strives to strengthen and uplift each other by celebrating our diversity. During recruitment I always felt so loved and welcomed by every woman I met. I felt that everyone was so genuine and I felt like I could truly be myself. When I looked around the room I saw so much diversity and I loved seeing girls like me in the room-it really made me feel comfortable!”

When she isn’t being our wonderful Education Vice President, Cynthia is a nursing major with a minor in psychology. A native to Orlando, she’s obsessed with Disney and the color pink. She also enjoys working out and being a dog mom to her two German Sheppards.

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