True and Constant: Hannah Makholm

In honor of Pride month, we wanted to feature a member of ours who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and is so proud to be a member. Hannah Makholm is at UCF studying Experimental Animation with a minor in Cinema Studies. Reflecting on their recruitment process, they had this to say: "Gamma Phi seemed like a very accepting place and had people that I clicked with more than anywhere else. Everyone I met was down to earth and it felt right."

Olivia Sands, Hannah's Big, had a lot to say about Hannah. "I knew I wanted Hannah to be my little the moment I met them. Bid Day was amazing because they got to run home to me. They almost knocked me over when they saw that I had their sign. One of my favorite Hannah memories is seeing their reaction to having their room decorated for big/little week. It was Coco themed because they said it was their favorite Disney movie, and it was the first week of October. They loved it so much and kind of already knew who did it but they played along for the camera. I still have the video and watch it when I need a boost. I can't say how much I love Hannah because there just aren't enough words or time."

Hannah is very artistic and has contributed to Gamma Phi as Co-Banner Chairwoman. Moreover, Hannah is the member who isn't afraid to ask questions or speak up on things that others may feel uncomfortable bringing it up. They always do it in a way that opens a conversation and not just shutting everyone down.They're also always their to offer advice or just to talk, which a lot of sisters are thankful for.

When asked about their experience in the LGBTQ+ community and if we should know anything else, Hannah replied, "The LGBTQ+ community has been very supportive. I’ve walked in a Pride Parade with fellow UCF students and met some of my closest friends from Pride Commons. Being around others that are confident in their identities is such an uplifting feeling. I would love my sisters to know that I’m proudly pansexual and always open if you have questions. You don’t know what you don’t know in the world and it’s better to stay educated. Respect stems from understanding!"

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