True and Constant: Kristine Trail

This week we’re highlighting Kristine Trail. Krisitine is our Fidelity Chair Woman and part of the Fall 2019 member class. 

Recently, Kristine took it upon herself to create a way for each sister to send other sisters their favorite memory/ attributes of them. We’re so thankful for Kristine’s dedication to keep our sisterhood alive and thriving during a time where we’re all apart. 

During the activity one member wrote about Kristine “Fidelity is more than just a lesson with you as fidelity chairwoman and I’m so glad that you have the position! You make everything fun and entertaining and your bright personality shines through. I’m glad I bumped into you at Starbucks before chapter  a couple times too! :)”

Kristine is a Legal Studies major with a minor in Criminology. Kristine always has a happy spirit who’s always there to cheer people up on a rainy day. 

When asked why she chose to join Gamma Phi Beta, she responded “I chose Gamma Phi because every single sister I talked to was genuine, sweet and friendly. One of Gamma Phi’s core values is love. Love for not only ourselves, our chapter but most importantly our sisters. I knew without a doubt that my sisters would accept me, hype me up and support me through everything. Gamma Phi Beta is exactly what I was looking for in a sorority, a group of passionate, driven and genuine girls who have laughed with me, cried with me and have made life long memories with me.”

Another person said “I am so proud of everything you have done for Gamma Phi. You are an amazing leader and can’t wait to see how you grow in the chapter.” Another one of the things Kristine has done with her position as Fidelity chairwoman is bring markers and cards for all the sisters to write letters to the girls in “Girls on the Run.” 

Another sister said, “you have the same sweet and sassy soul as me and your Big. I would love to finally hang out and get to know you.”

Another sister wrote about Kristine during the Fidelity activity, “Hi Kristine! Just wanted to say you are so beautiful inside and out and I can truly tell that you are so passionate with everything you do. Also thanks for doing this I know it means so much to everyone!”

We’re so lucky to have you Kristine!

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