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True and Constant: MVP Joy Lisi

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of recruitment? No one can tell you about the planning process and the color coordination like a Membership Vice President, or MVP. This year, the person working to impress our potential new members is Joy Lisi, and she has a lot of work on her hands with all the changes that are happening.

Joy is majoring in hospitality management, and she wanted to be MVP because she wanted to serve Eta Lambda. While the position is challenging at times, she’s grateful for the support of the executive board, her advisors, Gamma Phi Beta International Headquarters, and the support of other chapter members. Serving as MVP is Joy’s way of thanks to a chapter who has done so much for her. We are certainly grateful to have her.

In her time as MVP, Joy has been able to create some of her favorite Gamma Phi memories. “My favorite Gamma Phi memory is doing ritual with thousands of Gamma Phi Betas from region 2 and 3 at RLC. Being in a room with all those women made me feel so connected to people that I had never even met before,” Joy has shared.

Beyond being MVP, Joy has had an impact on the many sisters who have gotten the chance to know that. In a note to Joy, a sister writes, “My favorite memory with you is when we met at the first sisterhood brunch and decided to sit next to each other on the bus! I am so so grateful that G-Phi brought us together because it gave me one of my best friends : ) Thank you for always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. You are one of the most positive people I have ever met and never fail to make anyone’s day. I miss you so so much and can’t wait to be back in Orlando together. I love you.”

When asked about what it was about Gamma Phi that appealed to Joy, her answer was this: “I love how diverse our chapter is. We don't use recruitment as a means of filtering out people that may look or act differently than any of us, but instead to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin and feel the ability to speak out their opinions.”

While recruitment will be done differently because of COVID-19, we’re confident that Joy is working hard to make sure that all potential new members will be able to have an experience similar to Joy’s when she was in their shoes. We’ll leave the last words about Joy from her assistant, Kelly Nguyen, who has been lending a hand to Joy throughout this year.

“Whenever I get the opportunity to talk to or hangout with Joy, I always have a good time. Joy’s positive energy can be felt in every conversation we have, and she knows exactly how to cheer me up if I’m in a bad mood without ever knowing it. Working with Joy has been a very fun experience and I’m grateful that I get the chance to plan so many things with her. The way she works hard in everything she does really motivates me to do better as well, and I couldn’t imagine working for anybody else. Seeing Joy jump over every barrier that has been thrown at her during recruitment planning is very impressive and I hope she knows that everyone is extremely grateful for the copious amounts of time and energy she is putting into her position. I love Joy very much and it’s incredible to see how much our relationship has grown in the past year! I can only hope that we get closer over time and I’m extremely happy to call her my sister.”

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