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True and Constant: Nevada Karuzas

After already serving Eta Lambda for half a term, Nevada Karuzas is the Executive Board member who has been serving the longest as our Financial Vice President. “I knew that I wanted to one day hold a leadership position in this chapter to give back to the chapter that has given me so much. Having the position of Financial Vice President has exposed me to something that I am very passionate about and I know will help me in the future with my business endeavors. Being FVP has definitely challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and enhance my leadership skills. I love working closely with the entire exec board to plan events and be there for my sisters with anything they need. Holding this position has definitely had its challenges, but has definitely made me appreciate the chapter and everything that goes into it so much more. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and will never forget it!”

Raised in Sedona, Arizona, Nevada is currently a junior majoring in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Outside of UCF and Gamma Phi Beta, you can find Nevada traveling, hiking, hanging out at the beach, playing volleyball, or watching The Bachelor.

She works so hard, and Eta Lambda is so grateful to have her. In a letter to Nevada, another sister writes, “You are such a great leader and I wish more people would have the chance to see how you work behind the scenes. I am so glad we met and can’t wait to see where you go in the future.”

How did we get so lucky? When asked about her recruitment experience, Nevada easily says, “When going through recruitment I loved how every person that I talked to was so genuine and was very easy to talk to. It felt like I had known some of these women for a lot longer than a day. Another thing that I fell in love with was that everyone talked so highly of one another and were always extremely positive.”

The answer to what her favorite Gamma Phi Beta memory was a little harder to determine. So she sums it up in one answer: big-little reveal, both the one where she learns her big is Xaymi, and when she revealed herself to her little Felicity.

Felicity Baldwin has mutual feelings on the matter. “Nevada is the best big I could ask for! The second I met her I knew we’d be best friends. She is always willing to do what is necessary to help those around her. From homework to Menchies nights, she is always there for me. Nevada is a true and constant to everyone around her and is the most positive person I know. I am so lucky to have her as a big, a friend, and a person in my life.”

Nevada is loved by so many in our chapter, and we are glad the feeling is mutual. When asked what she loves about Gamma Phi Beta, Nevada whole-heartedly says, “I love that I can 100% be myself around everyone and will never be judged. This was one of the biggest things I was looking for when going through recruitment and I definitely found it here. I have met some of my best friends through this sorority that I know will be in my life forever!”

Thankfully, sorority life isn’t just 4 years with Gamma Phi, it’s for life. We’re so happy to have that life-long relationship with sisters like Nevada.

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