True and Constant: PRVP Jackie Rifenberg

This blog post is brought to you by Jackie Rifenberg, our Public Relations Vice President. A senior studying Health Sciences, Jackie says she wanted to represent the chapter as PRVP because, “I always wanted to help make a difference for the chapter and join leadership. It has been fun yet challenging at times. I have learned how to be adaptable and change plans as different situations come my way.”

During her term on the executive board, Jackie has had a lot to do. With the new rebrand from Gamma Phi Beta Internationals, and having to rethink the way we plan events for the chapter, there’s a lot that Jackie has had to figure out this year. We’re fortunate that she works so hard, and her department recognizes and appreciates all that she does.

As a senior, Jackie has a lot to reflect on when it comes to how sorority life has impacted her college experience. “I believed Gamma Phi was the sisterhood for me because I felt so welcomed as soon as I would walk inside the doors during recruitment. One thing I would want my sisters to know is that I’m so thankful to have them be a part of my college experience.. I don’t know what I would do without them. They have become my best friends and future bridesmaids. I’m going to miss them so much when I graduate and they will always have a special place in my heart.”

Jackie holds a special place in the hearts of every member of Gamma Phi. In a letter to Jackie, another member wrote, “While we don’t hang out much outside of events, you are always so much fun to sit with in chapter. You crack jokes in line and we make silly comments about how the sports teams are doing and just generally what’s going on around campus. You are a hard worker and very passionate about sports and I love that about you. I am hoping (If COVID isn’t super prevalent next spring) to ask her to go on a road trip to see some baseball games with some other sisters because I think it would be a great bonding activity!” This sentiment is one that is echoed by many in our chapter, as Jackie is always seen smiling, even when she’s working hard.

When she’s not studying, you can find Jackie at the beach, Disney, or any sporting event on campus. Football season is one of her favorite times of the year. As a UCF Knight, it’s hard not to cheer: Go Knights, Charge on!

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