• Serenity Anderson

We stand with you. We stand by you.

"The Eta Lambda Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta does not tolerate racism of any kind. We stand in solidarity with the Black community during this trying time. Gamma Phi Beta prides itself on being both inclusive and diverse, having members of varying race, ethnicity, culture, and nationality. As always, we must remember our values of love, labor, learning, and loyalty as we stand against acts of racism, bigotry, and hate. 

Love: We love all of our sisters, and all people regardless of their race.

Labor: As sisters of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority our goal is to inspire the highest type of womanhood and to build strong girls. To do this, we have to be for all, and labor for the human rights of all people. 

Learning: We must grow, educating ourselves along the way. Listen to voices that have been silenced and continue to be a part of the conversation. 

Loyalty: We will be loyal to our vision, inspiring the highest type of womanhood and building strong girls. Loyal to being an inclusive sorority. Loyal to the cause, to let every person regardless of the color of their skin feel loved and valued. 

We stand with you. We stand by you." 

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