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"The friendships I've made since joining are friendships I know will last. I love the idea and concept of "building strong girls." I'm someone who wants to inspire others and see the people around me succeed, I knew that in choosing Gamma Phi Beta i would be able to do that and be surrounded by people who want to do the same."

Isabella Tirado

'My favorite Gamma Phi memory was going to karaoke night with sisters. We sang our hearts out and had so much fun all night long!"

"My favorite part of our sisterhood is that there’s such an amazing group of girls that uplifts you and helps you be the best person you can be! I chose Gamma Phi Beta because I felt the most at home and felt comfortable talking to these women. It means so much to me to be a part of a sorority that empowers women and to have a philanthropy that does the same for young girls! Being a Panhellenic woman and being Gamma Phi Beta means that I am a better version of myself and that I can help my community while being surrounded by supportive women!"

Savannah Tricomi

Maria Dienna